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Read PhD researcher Emily Mann's prize winning entry to our competition for student reflections on Cynthia Enloe's Edinburgh keynote talk The International Politics of the #MeToo Movement: Are They Now Merely Yesterday? And, read too Cynthia Enloe's reaction to Emily's work!

Announcing the winners of our competition to reflect on Cynthia Enloe's recent Keynote at University of Edinburgh.

Introducing the 'ECR Spotlight', genderED's new series highlighting and boosting the doctoral and postdoctoral gender and sexualities research being conducted at the University.

Cover of Gender Sensitive DOA Research Slides

genderED ran an information event promoting gender sensitive research in May 2021, chaired by Prof Martyn Pickersgill, Co-Director of Research at the Usher Institute and attended by global health researchers. Slides from the presentation have been included in the post.

Funders often have a rhetoric of supporting interdisciplinary research, but communication amongst researchers with different backgrounds can be challenging. In today’s blog, genderED team members, Dr Aoife McKenna and Dr Rosalind Cavaghan write about how this can affect health-focused projects incorporating sex and gender and offer some solutions.

Meryl Kenny and genderED members win award to take Understanding Gender course to next level of staff-student partnership

Training for doing gender-sensitive research with genderED's toolkit

We have a great line up of panellists for a discussion on gender, race and the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections.

The final blogpost for our Voices from the Early Days series features 50 years of feminist classrooms - Marta Kowalewska demonstrates how exactly did the feminist labour taken on by feminist academy translate to a transformation of university classrooms.

genderED is looking for applications for our summer internship 2021. Our 2020 communication intern Iz Gius talks here about her experiences last Summer.

feminist studies

As part of our Voices from the Early Days series, Marta Kowalewska looks at the history of gender studies at the University of Edinburgh, in particular, the emergence of the Women's, Gender and Feminist Studies pathway in today's post.

IWD 2018

As part of our Voices from the Early Days series, Marta Kowalewska explores, with inputs from Radhika Govinda, the kind of labour often taken on by feminist academics in creating a thriving environment for students. Much of such labour took place within the neoliberal academy, which was a source of tension against feminist pedagogy.