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For the ECR Spotlight, PhD Candidate Chase Ledin argues that effective health promotion is a collective and everyday practice in which marginalised communities, activists and artists as well as health professionals, data modellers and officials must be equal partners in imagining healthy futures.

16 days feature

Coming soon! The 16 Days Blogathon is back for 2021, with a focus on histories, legacies, myths and memories, led from Edinburgh by the Histories of Gender and Sexualities Research Group. The blogathon is a collaborative project between the University of Edinburgh, Dr B R Ambedkar University Delhi, and University of New South Wales. Starts November 25, can't wait!

In today's longer read Meryl Kenny reflects upon her personal experiences of the gendered Impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on academics with caring responsibilities. A public health crisis and an economic crisis – the pandemic is, at the same time, an equalities crisis including in the world of work.

genderED invites you to an online event showcasing gender sensitive research and discussing the challenges and gains involved: 'Gender Sensitive Research: Lessons from GCRF and Beyond', on Friday the 1st October. 

In her contribution to the ECR Spotlight, PhD candidate Aerin Lai writes about her doctoral research focussing on masculinities in Singapore and questions the usefulness of a postcolonial intersectional analysis in understanding the kinds of masculinities that are constructed by Singaporean men in contemporary society.

For the latest segment of the ECR Spotlight, PhD candidate Sarah Henning writes about her doctoral research into the careers of Nora Milnes, Marjorie Brown, and Erin Browne, three women who ran the social work department at the University of Edinburgh from 1918 to 1968.

In his contribution to the PhD and Postdoc Spotlight, doctoral researcher André Prado Fernandes writes about his research into Brazil's radical 1970s theatre group Dzi Croquettes and asks how queer performances help us think about the limits of, and reconceptualise the mainstream rhetoric of, LGBT human rights?

For the third instalment of the PhD and Postdoc Series, Marie Larsson writes about her ongoing doctoral research on young people's contraceptive work in Sweden.

In today's Spotlight, Jackie Simard discusses her historical work on women's struggles to end abusive marriages. By examining the Divorce Courts, the persistence of double standards and the evolving role of gender in framing understandings of marital cruelty can be understood.

Dr Charlotte Bosseaux has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to consider the ways in which the voices of gender-based violence survivors are translated for a practice-based, multilingual documentary underpinned by new research into the ethics of translation - more on her project in this post.

The recent publication of ‘Global Britain in a Competitive Age’ has caused quite a storm, and for good reason. In this post, Claire Duncanson and Catherine Eschle argue that this vision for a post-Brexit revitalisation of the UK’s role in the world marks a clear departure from past British policy on nuclear weapons.

For the first contribution to the ECR Spotlight, PhD Candidate Amy Andrada writes in defence of 'assholes' and about intragender sexism, as well as good, bad, and performative feminism. Amy's piece is based on the lecture she will deliver at the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas on the 26th of August 2021. Attendance details can be found in this post.