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We have a great line up of panellists for a discussion on gender, race and the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections.

The final blogpost for our Voices from the Early Days series features 50 years of feminist classrooms - Marta Kowalewska demonstrates how exactly did the feminist labour taken on by feminist academy translate to a transformation of university classrooms.

genderED is looking for applications for our summer internship 2021. Our 2020 communication intern Iz Gius talks here about her experiences last Summer.

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As part of our Voices from the Early Days series, Marta Kowalewska looks at the history of gender studies at the University of Edinburgh, in particular, the emergence of the Women's, Gender and Feminist Studies pathway in today's post.

IWD 2018

As part of our Voices from the Early Days series, Marta Kowalewska explores, with inputs from Radhika Govinda, the kind of labour often taken on by feminist academics in creating a thriving environment for students. Much of such labour took place within the neoliberal academy, which was a source of tension against feminist pedagogy.

Early Feminism

As part of genderED's 'Voices from the Early Days' series, Marta Kowalewska and Radhika Govinda reflect on the different locations, perspectives and pathways that led these women academics to becoming feminists in the academy. They address the following question in this post - How did the women who pioneered women’s, gender and feminist studies at the University of Edinburgh become involved with feminism?

We are featuring the work and the activities of students this month. Today we feature final year Sociology and Politics student Ellie Rushforth who used the lockdown to create Se7en a new student-run women's publication with her classmate Ciara Watson.

It is Women's History month and as part of genderED's ongoing project Voices from the Early Days, which seeks to capture the stories of pioneers of women's, gender and feminist studies at University of Edinburgh, Stana Nenadic reflects upon the work and legacies of two leading women social and economic historians Rosalind Mitchison and Leah Leneman.

For 2021's International Women's Day, genderED launches a series of blog posts that highlights an ongoing project exploring and recording the history of Women, Gender and Feminist Studies (WGFS) at the University of Edinburgh. Radhika Govinda and Fiona Mackay introduces this series in this post.

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Radhika Govinda kicks off the Voices from the Early Days series with her post exploring the history and future of Women's, Gender and Feminist studies (WGFS) at the University of Edinburgh. She provides an overview of the various journeys undertaken by feminist academics at the University of Edinburgh.

The Noisy Movement

As part of our student highlight, The Noisy Movement is a student-led initiative aiming to put the spotlight and raise awareness of topical issues and causes that support marginalised groups in society.

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This blog series showcases the student winners of the Yuan Changying Prize, sponsored by genderED. The prize recognises outstanding ‘gender observations’ written by students (and nominated by tutors) in the pre-Honours course Understanding Gender in the Contemporary World, convened by Dr. Meryl Kenny and Dr. Sarah Liu. Gender observations require students to link material from the course to their own day-to-day experiences and observations of ‘doing gender’. The prize is named after Yuan Changying in consultation with students, in recognition of the first female Chinese graduate in the University of Edinburgh’s history. In the first of two winning essays, Mastercard Foundation scholar Tanatsei Gambura reflects on 'doing gender' in her school days in Zimbabwe.