Undersong – RACE.ED’s new podcast

RACE.ED podcast header

RACE.ED is excited to launch its new podcast Undersong – Race and Conversations Other-wise.

It’s hosted by Katucha Bento, Shaira Vadasaria and Nasar Meer, with guests from across and beyond the RACE.ED network. In listening to the uncomfortable legacies of empire and coloniality that shape the present, the podcast serves as a local and global platform to exchange critical thought around race and the making of worlds otherwise.

 Episode 1

The  inaugural episode focuses on Intersectionality across and between the Global South and North, and is created in collaboration with GENDER.ED, a cross-University hub for gender and sexualities studies at the University of Edinburgh.  In this first episode, Shaira Vadasaria introduces the podcast and speaks to Katucha Bento, Tommy Curry, and Radhika Govinda about the role of intersectionality in their work. Reflecting on what intersectionality’s purchase is within and beyond its point of origin, leads the discussants to critically (re)assess the concept’s legacy and traction.

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