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Workshop I: Teaching Feminisms - Opportunities and Challenges

In December 2017, Ambedkar University Delhi hosted the first of two key project workshops for the joint team of 21 staff and student researchers, with a week-long programme of activities, which included the delivery of 13 paper presentations by staff and doctoral researchers in a closed session.

Women, UK Politics and Brexit

Watch Prof Fiona Mackay’s public lecture, “Women, UK Politics and Brexit”, and how gendered perspectives that were commonly overlooked in the debates leading up to the 2016 United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum and in the developments that have unfolded since the decision to exit the EU. Prof Mackay’s lecture was organised as part of Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives project’s first workshop.

A City Through Feminist Lens

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From Indraprastha College for Women to India Gate, you can experience vicariously a feminist tour of Delhi. Retrace the city through a feminist lens, following the city’s protest in 2012.

MOOC Training

Our participants, both students and educators, worked on creating a feminist module during this MOOC training.

Papers with several cards and a hand on it
Prof Rukmini Sen and her team designing their feminist module

Workshop II: Doing Feminisms in the Academy

In February 2018, the University of Edinburgh hosted the second key workshop, which encompassed a second full week of activities, such as a feminist walk of Edinburgh and a visit to the Scottish Parliament. This workshop built upon the relationships, discussions, and ideas developed during the first week together in Delhi.

'Feminist Explorations of Contemporary South Asia: Possibilities and Challenges' Public Lecture

Prof Krishna Menon delivers the Chrystal Macmillan Lecture on Feminist Explorations of Contemporary South Asia: Possibilities and Challenges. In this lecture, Prof Menon focuses on feminist politics in South Asia, deconstructing the intractable linkage between nationalism, state and gender in this region as part of vital feminist inquiry.

Working Within the Academy as Feminists: A North-South Dialogue' Roundtable

Fiona and Rachana
Prof Fiona Mackay and Prof Rachana Johri at Roundtable Discussion

Chaired by Dr Radhika Govinda, this roundtable focused, among other questions, on how feminist knowledge influences dominant thinking and transforms teaching and learning practices in Northern and Southern contexts.

Prof Maria do Mar Pereira (University of Warwick) delivered a mini keynote for this roundtable.

'Teaching and Tackling Violence Against Women: Perspectives from India and the UK' Panel Discussion

Organised by Prof Fiona Mackay, this panel of experts from India and Scotland, UK discussed the challenges and dilemmas of teaching about, raising awareness of, and strategizing to tackle gender based violence. It explored the links between feminists in the Academy and anti-violence women’s movements South and North, as well as reflecting on institutional developments in the Higher Education sector to tackle violence against women on campus.

"An Evening of Feminism and Creative Resistance"

Featuring Prof Sumangala Damodaran’s lecture-demonstration on songs of protests from India, poetry by Scottish poet Nadine Aisha Jassat and from our very own, Sarah Golightley, whose poetry centers on disability.

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Workshop III: Decolonising Feminist Knowledge

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As the third workshop under the wider Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives project, the theme centered on Decolonising Feminist Knowledge: Reflections on Research and Curriculum. The aim of this day-long workshop was to bring together early career and established scholars interested in engaging with the methodological and pedagogical challenges faced in the process of decolonising feminist research and/or teaching. This workshop was co-sponsored by the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for South Asian Studies, genderED, and Sociology, and held at the University of Edinburgh.

The keynote was delivered by Prof Rukmini Sen (Ambedkar University Delhi), on ‘Writing the Self, Walking with the Social: Feminist Reflections on Knowing and Knowledge’.

Workshop Recordings

Decolonising Feminist Knowledge Art Mural

Kamya Choudhary, Megan Harrington and Cat Wayland, three PhD students from the School of Social and Political Science, received a grant from the Principal’s Office, making possible an art mural by Raquel Durán on the workshop theme.

Kamya shares our vision and rationale behind having an arts-based element to our otherwise academically intensive day-long line up in the Gender Politics blog.

Similarly, Cat and Marta shed light on their experiences of co-organising this workshop.

Workshop IV: Women Leaders in the Academy, Media and Publishing

The fourth and last workshop of the Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives project, was held in 2019 in Delhi, India. Its main theme was on women’s leadership in the academy, media and publishing. 

Roundtable Discussions

  • “When Women Lead – The Feminist Leadership Challenge in Institutions of Higher Education in India and the United Kingdom.”

Chaired by Prof Krishna Menon, this roundtable features some of the co-investigators of Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives project from the University of Edinburgh and Ambedkar University Delhi (e.g. Prof Fiona Mackay, Prof Sumangala Damodaran, Prof Rachana Johri, Dr Bindu KC and Prof Rukmini Sen). It also features one of the project’s PhD scholars, Nibedita Hazarika, who shares her experiences and reflections on feminist challenges in Higher Education.

  • “Women’s Voices, Visions of Democracy and Publishing” chaired by Prof. Rukmini Sen, Ambedkar University Delhi, India. Co-organised by the Centre for Publishing at Ambedkar University Delhi. 

Co-organised by the Centre for Publishing (Ambedkar University Delhi), Prof Rukmini Sen chaired this roundtable with feminist journalists and publishers such as V. K. Karthika, a publisher from Westland Publications. Shailly, one of the PhD scholars participating in this project, shared her reflections on being a student.