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Radhika Govinda, Fiona Mackay, Krishna Menon, Rukmini Sen (eds.)

This collection of essays brings together auto-ethnographic, critical and comparative reflections on doing feminisms in the academy in contemporary India and the UK. Written by emergent and seasoned academics from a range of disciplinary, social and (geo)political locations, these essays explore the transformative potential, dilemmas and challenges of teaching, learning, researching and working as feminist academics.

By engaging with questions of identity and difference, institutional and classroom pedagogies, reflexivity and accountability, and the production and circulation of feminist and non-feminist knowledge, the essays in this collection also provide the frame and the lens through which to view the wider landscape of contemporary higher education. Anchored in feminist scholarship and written in an accessible style, the collection will be useful to those interested in feminist, women’s and gender studies, and more broadly those keen to pursue equality in higher education and decentring of knowledge production globally.

This book was published by Zubaan – an imprint of Kali for Women – India’s first feminist publishing house.

Here’s a peek into what Doing Feminisms in the Academy means to each of its contributors.

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"One of the pleasures of reading Doing Feminisms in the Academy is that it does away with easy assumptions about what it means to be a feminist or to do feminisms in the academy. Its essays are an immersive read and offer the readers a chance to analyse practices that generate meaning and influence knowledge production in the academia." (Goyal 2020, Feminism in India)