Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives

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Funded by the UK-India Educational Research Initiative and the University Grants Commission and led by Radhika Govinda (Sociology) and Krishna Menon (Gender Studies), this is a 4 year (2017 – 2021) North-South research and pedagogic collaboration between the University of Edinburgh, UK and Ambedkar University Delhi, India.

Gender inequality, identity politics and gender-based violence remain global societal challenges in the 21st century. Feminists and feminist pedagogy have consistently attempted to address these challenges in everyday life and academia.  

But what struggles have feminist academics faced and what successes have they had? How might dialogue and collaboration between feminist academics in the North and the South contribute to new research insights and new pedagogical tools to tackle these challenges?

The Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives project has brought together 21 staff and students of the University of Edinburgh, UK and Ambedkar University Delhi, India, engaged in teaching and researching gender and feminism, with the following twin objectives

  1. To highlight the struggles and successes of feminists in the academy, particularly with respect to addressing gender inequality, identity politics and gender-based violence; 
  2. To co-create feminist pedagogical tools to strengthen the pursuit of gender equality and social justice in higher education institutions (HEIs) and beyond, and to decenter northern hegemony in knowledge production. 

By engaging with these questions comparatively and within a single project, we hope to make an important contribution to ongoing efforts to decolonise the academy and decentre feminist knowledge production and dissemination.

Key Publications

R. Govinda, F. Mackay, K. Menon and R. Sen (eds.) (2020) Doing Feminisms in the Academy: Identity, Institutional Pedagogy and Critical Classrooms in India and the UK, New Delhi: Zubaan.
K. Choudhary, C. Wayland and R. Govinda (eds.) (2020) Feminist Struggles in the Academy in India and the UK.