LGBT+ History Month: Challenging sexual humanitarian bordering through co-creative ethnographic filmmaking

Collaborators on the film-making project pictured listening, one with headphones on.

As part of LGBT+ History month, we’re revisiting past blogs from our recently-concluded Blogathon. In this post, Nick Mai shares the trailer to CAER, made in collaboration with Colectivo Intercultural Transgrediendo, and argues for the importance of co-creative ethnographic filmmaking as a strategic methodological approach to challenging the spectacle of victimhood, allowing migrant sex workers and other migrant groups to define victimhood according to their needs, experiences, and priorities.

The trailer to CAER (Caught) includes a link to the entire film and is here. It was made in collaboration with the Colectivo Intercultural Transgrediendo. Nick wrote about the process of co-creating ethnographic films for our Blogathon here.

Featured image: Image: Still from CAER: Lorena Borjas and Liaam Winslet watching the first version of the film during a co-creative editing feedback session. From Anti Trafficking Review.