Introducing Lauren Galligan, GENDER.ED’s new Communications and Events Intern

Image of Lauren Galligan

My name is Lauren and I have just finished my third year studying English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. This summer I will be working as GENDER.ED’s Communications and Events intern. I first found out about GENDER.ED’s internship in my second year, and am thrilled to have been selected for this summer.

Academically, I am particularly interested in analysing literature through feminist and queer lenses and exploring themes such as motherhood and the family, masculinity, dynamics of sex and power, and women’s bodies. Outside of my studies, I am passionate about reproductive equality and menstruation, particularly in regards to period poverty; for two years, I have managed the non-profit organisation Period Poverty at the University of Edinburgh, hosting events and donation drives to reach menstruating people in need across the UK.

At GENDER.ED, I hope to be able to develop and expand my knowledge, skills, and grow as a person. I think that GENDER.ED is a fantastic initiative to showcase and celebrate work relating to gender and sexuality and I am looking forward to being able to share this work through my role in Communications and Events. Notably, I am eager to see how I can bring my learnings and my strengths from my involvement in student-led grassroot organisations oriented around gender and sexuality to the work I will be doing at GENDER.ED. Since my internship is a joint one, at both GENDER.ED and the Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities (IASH), I am also looking forward to implementing and expanding my editorial and communications skills through working at IASH on the Dangerous Women project and getting to experience the manuscript of the new book emerging from the project.

Overall, I am already inspired and in awe of the work being done at, and people working directly with, GENDER.ED and IASH. I hope that I can be a helpful and valuable addition to the team over the next few months!