Care, Careers in Higher Education and Covid

This intersectional resource, Care, Careers in Higher Education and Covid, has been prepared by genderED – the University of Edinburgh’s interdisciplinary hub for gender and sexualities studies. It is a dynamic list of references to help academic researchers and other University workers and activists to navigate developments in this area. It has been prepared as a resource for an upcoming seminar on Care, Careers and Higher Education organised by genderED but is intended to serve the wider academy.

As the list was being prepared, Covid-19 happened and therefore, the original focus on HE & care policies (what’s needed? how we might learn from good practice?) has been updated with publications that also set out what difference COVID-19 makes (how is it exacerbating existing inequalities? creating new inequalities, creating new opportunities?).

This is a dynamic list and we are keen to add to it continually. Please send links to any articles/reports you think should be included to:, tweet via @UoE_GENDER_ED, or message us on instagram @uoe_gender.ed– and do let us know if you find the resource useful!

A dynamic resource list of key and current studies, commentary, policies and reports on work-life balance, caring responsibilities, and careers dilemmas in Higher Education - and the heightened impact of COVID-19 on inequalities.