GenderED’s New Website launched

Website Launch Poster

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new GENDER.ED website, which is the culmination of many weeks of planning. We hope you enjoy exploring it! 

GENDER.ED was launched in October 2017 as an interdisciplinary hub to showcase and promote the range, significance and excellence of teaching, research and KEI in gender and sexualities studies at the University of Edinburgh and beyond. Since our launch nearly three years ago, GENDER.ED has grown tremendously, and this new website is a testament to the breadth of the projects we are supporting and the expanded roles we have taken on.  

 As always, the core of GENDER.ED is our searchable directory of gender researchers and courses across the university. The new directory is more accessible and easier-to-use than ever. Our two directories (Research and Teaching) have combined into one, with a whopping 312 entries (compared to 165 at launch!). This comprehensive directory is designed to be used by prospective and current students, prospective and current researchers, and the wider community interested in these issues. It will help to identity gaps in provision and to encourage multidisciplinary connections and collaborations. 

 The new website also includes the launch of the first standalone GENDER.ED blog. All of our old posts, originally hosted on the Gender Politics blog, have been transferred over, and we are very excited about the opportunity to host our own original content. Our ‘Updates’ section will feature University of Edinburgh academics, international contributors, global gender and sexualities news, and upcoming events and projects by our members. 

 Our ‘Projects’ section showcases the diverse range of projects which GENDER.ED is currently undertaking, from supporting researchers to integrate gender equality considerations in their research projects; to the 16 Days International Blogathon against gender-based violence; to an ongoing oral history initiative ‘Voices from the “Early Days”’. In its role as Critical Friend, GENDER.ED contributes to policy debates and developments institutionally and externally. At the same time, we continue to advance our original aims and focuses, such as building an inclusive curriculum – our flagship course Understanding Gender in the Contemporary World is running for its fifth year, and three other courses are running or in development – and promoting equality, diversity and social justice. 

Special thanks to Iz Gius  (IASH GENDER.ED summer intern) and to Clare de Mowbray and Adam Cavill (SPS Comms Team) for making this happen.

We look forward to our Third Anniversary in the Autumn and continuing our work in promoting and showcasing teaching, research, knowledge exchange and impact in the field of gender and sexualities studies.