About the GENDER.ED Directory

Welcome to the genderED Directory.

The genderED Directory brings together gender and sexualities studies researchers from across the University of Edinburgh, and gender and sexualities studies-related courses at undergraduate ordinary, honours, and postgraduate levels. With over 330 entries, the genderED Directory provides a comprehensive overview of the research and teaching being conducted at the University of Edinburgh. The Directory is designed to be used by prospective and current students and researchers, potential collaborators, and the wider community interested in gender and sexualities studies.

Researchers found in the Directory range from our PhD and early career researchers to Professors. Within these profiles, you will find details of research interests, ongoing research projects, noteworthy gender and sexualities-related publications, and teaching activity. We hope these entries will enable researchers to connect with one another (across and beyond the institution), encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration.

Course entries on the Directory provide insight into the content taught in each course, the course’s credit level, and the year taken. Course entries provide a valuable resource to students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, assisting in navigating gender and sexualities studies pathways through their University programmes.

If you would like to be added to the Directory, please contact us at gender.ed@ed.ac.uk.