Gender Sensitive Research: Designing Projects That Leave No-one Behind

GENDER.ED has recently held a joint online training with EQUAL-Futures at the University of Bristol.  The event was a part of GENDER.ED’s on-going project Integrating Gender into GCRF Bids and Projects   (PI Prof Fiona Mackay; Project Lead Dr Rosalind Cavaghan)

Fifty-six academic researchers from varying disciplinary backgrounds spanning engineering, chemistry, health science, veterinary science, business studies and art took part in an interactive training on the 6th of May that demonstrated tools designed to help academic researchers work out how gender is relevant in a research project.

Using examples drawn from an engineering project aiming to develop energy efficient cooling technologies that can be used as climate change adaptation technologies, participants worked through questions and prompts to identify the relevance of gender.

“This is great, thank you for organising the session and sharing the resources – gender sensitive research is much needed in my field!’

“These materials are great – thank you, I’ll share them widely!”

“This session has been fantastic – thank you!”

The training also explained where the push for gender sensitive research has come from and highlighted funders supporting gender sensitive research. Discussion also included methods to identify the most appropriate measures that PIs can take to support gender balance on research teams.

You can find many of the tools and guidance that the genderEd team have created here.