GENDER.ED Undergraduate Intern and PhD Assistant Programme


GENDER.ED’s Undergraduate Intern and PhD Assistant Programme provides students at the University of Edinburgh the opportunity to experience and engage with the diverse research, teaching, and knowledge exchange work on gender and sexualities at the University, as well as partners beyond campus. Interns and assistants hold key responsibilities within GENDER.ED’s Communications and Events Team, gaining knowledge and experiences to expand their interests in gender and sexuality studies as well as having the chance to develop critical and invaluable kills and knowledge that will prove useful beyond the scope of this internship, and into their future careers and pathways. 

Students passionate about gender and sexuality studies and looking towards further experience in the field beyond what the classroom provides are encouraged to apply for available positions – information of which is advertised through the University of Edinburgh’s job site, and Employ.ed for PhD Researchers.

                                Past and Current Interns & Assistants 

UG Interns:

Summer 2019: Abrisham Ahmadzadeh (Classical Studies) 

Summer 2020: Isabelle Gius (English Literature and History) 

2021-2022: Shy Zvouloun (Law) 

Summer 2022: Lauren Galligan (English Literature) 

2023: Sheher Bano (Sociology) 

Summer 2023: Amy Life (Philosophy & French)

PhD Assistants:

2018-2019 – Adminstrative and Development Assistant: Natasha Dyer-Williams (International Development) 

2019: Administrative and Development Assistant: Tatiana Cary (PhD in Social Policy) 

2021-2023: Adminstrative and Development Assistant: Aerin Lai (PhD in Sociology)

2023-2024: Administrative and Development Assistant: Rhea Gandhi (PhD in Counselling Studies)