Salon on Gender and Care

21 March 2024
15:30 - 17:30


Violet Laidlaw Room, 6F Chrystal Macmillan Building, The University of Edinburgh

Join the salon about future research agendas on ‘care’ and help us welcome visiting academics from Una Europe Equality Network (UGEN). Research shows that care-giving and care work is implicated in gender and other cross-cutting inequalities. It is often carried out by women, ethnic minorities and socio-economically disadvantaged groups who, in return, are further disadvantaged, receiving little recognition or reward. Research plays a role in exposing the undercutting, devaluing and neglect of care, whether for students within the academy, for people with specific care needs within societies or for our natural world. Can research also point to new directions? 

To get us started, a group of invited of academics will speak for five minutes each about their own research and thoughts about how research might support positive change, but the main aim is then to start a wider exchange - a salon - with all attendees. This salon will be followed by a reception.

The following people will get the discussion going: 

  • Shruti Chaudhry has researched the experience of older members of ethnic minority communities in Scotland and their caring relationship and has previously worked in the field of gender and development in India.
  • Ingela Nauman, is an expert on the interactions between gender equality and how international welfare regimes support childcare
  • Sarah Parry has written about the challenges of gender equality and a caring pro-environmental domestic life.
  • Autumn Roesch-Marsh has written about the protective power of friendships among young women and men with ‘care experience’.
  • Katrin Meyer is a visiting member of UGEN and has done work on gender and democracy.

Chair: Lynn Jamieson is one of the founding co-directors of CRFR and has done extensive work on gender, relationships and care.

The wider group of salon participants,  who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, includes Hayley Bennet, Theo Bourgeron, Maddi Bunker, Jackie Gulland, Rebecca Hewer, Marcus Ketola, Meryl Kenny, George Palattiyil, Emilie McSwiggan.

For more details about UGEN and the eight universities participating from Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, France and Scotland:

This salon will be followed by a reception from 17:30 onwards. Register for tickets here.


This is a free event, which means we overbook to allow for no-shows and to avoid empty seats. While we generally do not have to turn people away, this does mean we cannot guarantee everyone a place. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.