Archiving Feminist and Queer Voices, and the Production of Knowledge

22 March 2024
10:00 - 11:30


Violet Laidlaw Room, Chrystal MacMillan Building, 15a George Square, EH8 9LD

This roundtable will focus on documenting and archiving feminist and queer voices in everyday life and in activist and academic spaces. What constitutes the archive when viewed from feminist and queer perspectives? What are the possibilities and challenges encountered in women’s everyday lives, in archiving grassroots feminist struggles and campaigns for gender equality and justice, and in tracing the institutional histories of gender and sexuality studies, including in university settings? What promise and complexities do these archives present for feminist and queer knowledge production? These are some of the questions that speakers will engage with as they reflect on amplifying feminist and queer voices through the practices of collection and preservation, and the use of these voices in teaching, research communication and awareness-raising.



Anna Góral, Assistant Professor, Department of Culture Management, Jagiellonian University

Rachel Hosker, University Archivist and Research Collections Manager, University of Edinburgh

Louise Jackson, Professor of Modern Social History, University of Edinburgh

Niamh Moore, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Edinburgh

Heike Pantelmann, Managing Director of the Margherita von Brentano Centre for Gender Studies, Free University of Berlin

Aideen Quilty, Associate Professor of Gender Studies and Social Justice, University College Dublin


Chair: Fiona Mackay, Professor of Politics, University of Edinburgh


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