Dr María López Belloso: Protecting human rights in Western Sahara

Dr. María López Belloso
Event date: Wednesday 5 August
Time: 13:00
Location: online

Dr María López Belloso: Protecting human rights in Western Sahara

IASH Work in Progress talk.

The online talk will be hosted on Collaborate

The Western Sahara conflict has been approached from different perspectives since its emergence in 1975: as a pending decolonization issue, as a threat to peace and security in the area, or recently, regarding the plundering of territory´s natural resources. However, the protection of human rights did not enter the United Nations agenda until the early 2000s.

Dr. María López Belloso will guide us on the path that has led her to research about the protection of human rights in the territory, combining different agendas: peace and reconciliation, protection of basic human rights, transitional justice,the use of new technologies and gender equality.