Early Feminism

Different Pathways into Feminism

As part of genderED’s ‘Voices from the Early Days’ series, Marta Kowalewska and Radhika Govinda reflect on the different locations, perspectives and pathways that led these women academics to becoming feminists in the academy. They address the following question in this post – How did the women who pioneered women’s, gender and feminist studies at the University of Edinburgh become involved with feminism?

Women’s History in the Department of Economic and Social History. Rosalind Mitchison (1919-2002) and Leah Leneman (1944-1999).

It is Women’s History month and as part of genderED’s ongoing project Voices from the Early Days, which seeks to capture the stories of pioneers of women’s, gender and feminist studies at University of Edinburgh, Stana Nenadic reflects upon the work and legacies of two leading women social and economic historians Rosalind Mitchison and Leah Leneman.