16 days feature

16 Days Blogathon 2021 Update: Gender-Based Violence: histories, legacies, myths and memories

Coming soon! The 16 Days Blogathon is back for 2021, with a focus on histories, legacies, myths and memories, led from Edinburgh by the Histories of Gender and Sexualities Research Group. The blogathon is a collaborative project between the University of Edinburgh, Dr B R Ambedkar University Delhi, and University of New South Wales. Starts November 25, can’t wait!

Aerin Lai – ECR Spotlight

In her contribution to the ECR Spotlight, PhD candidate Aerin Lai writes about her doctoral research focussing on masculinities in Singapore and questions the usefulness of a postcolonial intersectional analysis in understanding the kinds of masculinities that are constructed by Singaporean men in contemporary society.

Amy Andrada – ECR Spotlight

For the first contribution to the ECR Spotlight, PhD Candidate Amy Andrada writes in defence of ‘assholes’ and about intragender sexism, as well as good, bad, and performative feminism. Amy’s piece is based on the lecture she will deliver at the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas on the 26th of August 2021. Attendance details can be found in this post.