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16 days feature

16 Days Blogathon 2021 Update: Gender-Based Violence: histories, legacies, myths and memories

Coming soon! The 16 Days Blogathon is back for 2021, with a focus on histories, legacies, myths and memories, led from Edinburgh by the Histories of Gender and Sexualities Research Group. The blogathon is a collaborative project between the University of Edinburgh, Dr B R Ambedkar University Delhi, and University of New South Wales. Starts November 25, can’t wait!

Early Feminism

Different Pathways into Feminism

As part of genderED’s ‘Voices from the Early Days’ series, Marta Kowalewska and Radhika Govinda reflect on the different locations, perspectives and pathways that led these women academics to becoming feminists in the academy. They address the following question in this post – How did the women who pioneered women’s, gender and feminist studies at the University of Edinburgh become involved with feminism?

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Women’s, Gender and Feminist Studies at Edinburgh: A Window On Journeys Undertaken

Radhika Govinda kicks off the Voices from the Early Days series with her post exploring the history and future of Women’s, Gender and Feminist studies (WGFS) at the University of Edinburgh. She provides an overview of the various journeys undertaken by feminist academics at the University of Edinburgh.

BLM protest

The Problem We All Live With

What is the problem we all live with? Taking inspiration from Norman Rockwell’s ‘The Problem We All Live With’ – an image of Ruby Bridges, a young Black girl going to school following integration laws in the US, Negar writes about one’s belonging to a community and through recognising what we owe to each other, we can make change and resist violence.

Feminist Classrooms Poster

Upcoming International Women’s Days Events

For International Women’s Day 2021, genderED has co-organised and co-supported two events focusing on feminist classrooms and the role of women in HIV and LGBTQ+ activism. Feminist Classrooms: Past, Present and Future is co-organised with EUSA, the Student Union at the University of Edinburgh, while The Role of Women in HIV and LGBTQ+ Activism is organised by the Staff Pride Network, while supported by genderED and IASH.