Ashlee Christoffersen Elected as a Steering Committee Member of the Standing Group on Gender and Politics

Congratulations to  Dr Ashlee Christoffersen  who has recently been elected to serve on the steering committee of the European Consortium of Political Research  (ECPR) Standing Group on Gender and Politics.

The Standing Group organises the biennial European Conference on Politics and Gender – the largest of its kind globally.

Ashlee is Research Fellow on the Gender Equalities at Work project (AH/V001175/1) at the University of Edinburgh, specialising in understandings and uses of intersectionality in policy and practice. Ashlee has been an active member of the European gender politics community since undertaking research on gender mainstreaming in the UK beginning in 2006 (illustrated by her 2011 co-authored publication in British Politics,  ‘Gender mainstreaming in the United Kingdom: Current issues and future challenges’ based on a paper presented at ECPG in 2009). She is also an active member of the ECR community of the UK Political Studies Association.

Ashlee stood on a platform of seeking: “to grow the Standing Group on its journey to be firmly antiracist and to embed meaningful concepts of intersectionality”.