Annual Showcase

Each year we hold an anniversary genderED showcase. This interactive showcase of research, teaching and institutional initiatives and campaigns allows attendees from across the University to present or learn about gender and sexualities studies work across a wide range of disciplines.

In 2019 a total of 18 projects were presented plus a wall of  ‘postcards’ and ‘mini posters’ of PhD projects. The showcase drew upon projects from all three Colleges, IS, Library, EUSA, and the student initiative UncoverED. Topics ranged from interactive maps of the Scottish witch trials to the gender dynamics of Japanese Kabuki;  from Black masculinities to Dangerous Women; and from Women and Peace Agreements (PAX-Women database) to action-research to transform the institutional culture in science, technology and mathematics subjects (STEM). It attracted more than 100 attendees.

We are currently planning to deliver our third anniversary showcase digitally in Autumn 2020. If you are interested in presenting contact us at

Fascinating interdisciplinary stuff, great to see gender research across the university

Annual Showcase