The GENDER.ED hub was launched in 2017 to:

  • Showcase and promote the range, significance and excellence of teaching, research, knowledge exchange and impact in gender and sexualities studies at the University of Edinburgh
  • Encourage interdisciplinarity, connectivity and co-production
  • Build and sustain communities of interest at all stages of student, researcher and academic careers
  • Identify gaps in provision and work to build new capacity

GENDER.ED provides a dynamic directory and up-to-date resources on gender and sexualities courses, researchers, research projects, networks, blogs, social media and events from the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) and beyond.

As a critical friend of the university, GENDER.ED contributes to policy debates and ongoing gender, intersectionality and decolonial campaigns at the University of Edinburgh and globally, in partnership with other specialists in gender and sexualities studies and research.

For more information on GENDER.ED:

Welcome to GENDER.ED (2017 launch video)